RCgallery takes its name from Remigio Cantagallina, a fellow of Giulio Parigi's equipe in the Medici's Florence of the 17th century. Giulio Parigi's academy developed a novel and more authentic interpretation of landscape iconography that Filippo Baldinucci defined "un bello e nuovo modo di toccar di penna vaghissimi paesi" ("a fine and novel manner of sketching remote villages in pen"). The gallery gives credit to this poorly recognized segment of art history that truly embodies the Italian artistic and engineering spirit and inspired our passion for old master drawings.

RCgallery started in 1998 and operates online and by appointment.

+ Our main area of expertise is 17th century Tuscan landscape art. The field is dominated by the figure of Giulio Parigi and by his academy. We collect and study sheets of Giulio Parigi and his entourage. Please contact us if you own works by any member of the academy as we are creating a comprehensive database.

+ If you are interested in Old Masters, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.