attributed to Jusepe de Ribera (Lo Spagnoletto)
(Jativa 1591-Naples 1652)
Head of a soldier

Red and black chalk on paper
Inscribed: "Tishbein ref. N361"
Watermark: “VITTORI”
Collection stamps:
.not identified (Lugt 3549)
."I" followed by an owl (not in Lugt)

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Provenance: private collection, Frankfurt

We tentatively attribute this drawing to Jusepe de Ribera. This sheet relates to a series of red chalk drawings characterized by a certain sketchiness in the execution. See for example the "Etude pour un homme attaché à un arbre" now in the Louvre museum, Paris. The features and seriousness of the face remind of Ribera's grotesque heads1.

1Adam Bartsch, Le Peintre graveur, Vienna, 1803-1821, XX.82.8-9.