Carlo Innocenzo Carloni (Carlone) (Scaria 1686-Como 1775)
Allegory of Wealth

Pen and black ink, brush and black ink and grey wash on paper
Watermark: framed post horn

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Provenance: private collection, Vienna

Our drawing is a typical example of Carloni's preparatory sketch for a ceiling decoration. Johann Daniel Herz (1693-1754) etched this allegorical scene with the inscription "C. Carlone inv: et fecit" (C. Carlone invented and made it)1. Herz etching shows an architectural background and a shell that are absent in the drawing suggesting the existance of a larger composition. He also etched Carloni's "Allegory of aristocracy" that was likely part of the same decoration2. Prof. Simonetta Coppa confirmed our attribution in an e-mail dated 26/Dec/2012. She relates the drawing to Carloni's sketch of the "Allegory of Wealth" in the Ludwigsburg castle art collection that is preparatory for a painting in the queen's antechamber of the same castle. A variation on the theme has been painted by Carloni in a small painting (private collection) published by Amalia Barigozzi Brini3.

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